The online Calendar here is updated daily.

Once you have checked your date, please contact Simon.

The Hall £10p.h, Maberly & Harbour View £6.p.h (all min 2 hours bookings).

All bookings require a booking form and deposit.

For availability and booking enquiries, please email Simon on or call him on 07976 742955.

Please note Simon does not work Friday or Sunday, but will get back to you on his next working day.

Hurst Castle Lighthouse

Two Guest Speakers

Keith Morton from Association of

Lighthouse Keepers


Roger Walker from Friends of Hurst Castle

Click for more information

Art Competition

You can find full details of our art competition by clicking here.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Picture of the Week

We are bulding up a lovely collection of photographs of the local area.

To see them have a look at our gallery page.

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